Insurance Plans and Policies for Individuals and Businesses

Insurance is a flexible asset class and when properly utilized can be an effective
tax, savings and estate planning tool.

Life and Disability

Disability insurance provides income replacement to protect your family and finances in the unfortunate event of become disabled and unable to work. Life insurance has many uses including enhancing the ability to utilize assets in retirement and to pass them tax free to beneficiaries.

Long Term Care

A consequence of extended life expectancy is an increased likelihood of needing long term care in the later stages of our lives. A timely purchase of a long term care policy can ensure adequate medical care and prevent a sudden increase in medical expenses from exhausting retirement assets.

Business and Group Plans

Insurance plays an outsize role in a business environment. Group plans provide discounted rates on the disability and life coverage that employees have come to expect. Business insurance coverages are used to protect against unforeseen events, save on taxes, retain employees and even smooth the transition in ownership.