Retirement Plans for Individuals and Small Businesses

Offering the design, implementation and management of new retirement plans
and comprehensive reviews of plans already in existence.

Existing Plan Review

Do you have questions about an existing plan? Our extensive experience in the retirement plan space allows us to thoroughly evaluate existing plans to look for cost savings, investment lineup enhancements, and ways to improve employee participation.

Our initial review and discussion can be arranged without cost or obligation.

Small Business Plans

Businesses of all sizes can benefit by properly choosing and implementing a retirement plan. From tax savings to employee retention, numerous business objectives can be accomplished through the thoughtful selection of the appropriate plan for your business.

Bighorn Financial, Inc. has ample experience in both defined contribution plans like 401(k)’s and defined benefit plans such as cash balance and fully insured plans.

Personal Business Plans

Even if you are a participant in a plan sponsored by your employer, it is often beneficial to have your own individual account options to accommodate additional contributions, rollovers and alternative investments .

We can help you choose and set up the right plan for you including IRA’s (Traditional and Roth), i401(k)’s and SEPs.